Famille Teulet

A family of apple growers in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Presentation:Famille Teulet

A family who lives in the middle of the orchards, who works in the orchards, who runs in the orchards.
Their speciality? Apples! The famous Limousin Golden delicious.
They are also starting the production of other organic fruits (pears, raspberries, strawberries, chestnuts etc...)

An organic apple grower, yes but also…
In addition to being an organic apple producer, La Famille Teulet is also involved in the development of the Angelaud estate, a holiday centre dedicated to agrotourism, where it develops organic vegetables.

A very committed organic apple producer
La Famille Teulet owns 200 ha of organic orchards in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. To guarantee the quality of their finished products to the consumer, La Famille Teulet processes all their products and distributes them directly under their name.
La Famille Teulet is proud of its terroir, its awareness of public health, and its spirit of independence.

Presentation : Department

  • Haute-Vienne (87)

Products families

  • Fruits, vegetables & aromatic herbs
  • Soft drinks
  • Sweet grocery
  • Wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages

Bio Sud Ouest France approved products

Fruit: apples / pears / chestnuts / raspberries / blackberries / rhubarb / strawberries / nashi pears / quinces / redcurrants / cherries / blueberries / blackcurrants

Vegetables: French beans / carrots / potatoes / leeks / pumpkin

Sweet groceries: multi-flower honey / chestnuts under vacuum / chestnut flour / chestnut puree / apple puree

Non alcoholic drinks: apple juice / apple and raspberry juice / sparkling apple juice / sparkling apple and raspberry juice

Alcoholic drinks: sweet cider / cry cider

Savoury groceries: buckwheat / preserved French beans / cider vinegar

Where to find approved products from Famille Teulet ?

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