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Artisan maker of organic drinks – Bordeaux

Founded in 1879 in the port of Bordeaux, Maison Meneau gathered and mixed sugar from faraway islands and fruits from the Aquitaine region following a traditional pleasure for taste.

Today, the family business is run by Vincent and Philippe Lassalle Saint-Jean, heirs to the ancestral recipes. Maison Meneau perpetuates its savoir-faire with produce from the whole world.

Responsibility, authenticity and quality are the fundamental values that they have applied by opting to organic farming. Sharing, precautionary principles and innovation are the commitments of Maison Meneau to support sustainable development.

Pleasure of taste and consumer well-being: in search of the perfect balance

Syrups, fruit juices, smoothies, culinary aids, Maison Meneau markets a wide range of quality products, with sought-after flavours and constantly develops new recipes to respond to the demand.

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  • Gironde (33)

Products families

  • Soft drinks

Bio Sud Ouest France approved products

Pure tomato juice

Pure carrot juice

Kiwi syrup

Pure kiwi juice

Pure apple juice

Pure prune juice

Pure grape juice

Where to find approved products from Maison Meneau ?

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