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The Domaine de Mirail is located near the town of Lectoure in the heart of the Lomagne described by Stendhal as the French Tuscany. The quality of the terroir has been recognized since the end of the 15th century as a vineyard was already planted there at the time. Five centuries later, the 30 hectares of abandoned vineyards were rehabilitated thanks to the will of Charles Hochman and his son Charles-Antoine.

With a resolute focus on the future, the Domaine de Mirail wines are now certified "Organic", while preserving their exceptional aromatic and gustatory qualities drawn from a terroir with very high potential made mainly of limestone outcrops (Peyrusquet). The aim of all these efforts to revive this old domain is to put on the french and international markets a range of products that are both worthy of the traditions of their origins and adapted to contemporary lifestyles.

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Bio Sud Ouest France approved products

White wine Colombard Côtes de Gascogne

White wine Soleil d'octobre Côtes de Gascogne

Rose wine Côtes de Gascogne

Red wine Les Mirlandes jeunes vignes Côtes de Gascogne

Red wine Le Peyrusquet

Red wine Les Mirlandes Côtes de Gascogne

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